Un Ananas Qui Parle?!?

Ya know,

Some of the strangest sequences of things which has happened since I published Far from Ordinary back in November is the amount of editing work that people have asked me to do since.

For a bit of context, I was a solid C+ / B – student in school. Most of my teachers probably gave me the “doesn’t apply himself” tag at one point or another.

That’s fair. I didn’t. I was a fairly intelligent kid, but school didn’t really appeal to me. Especially not in French.

Although to be fair, most of the programming I was exposed to as a child was reminiscent of a stoner on a really bad trip

So fast forward fifteen years or so, and all of a sudden people say I’m qualified to edit their shit.

Word to the wise: I’m not. Ask me about the rules of grammar or the best placement of a semi-colon. I dunno. That’s not what I’m good at.

If you give me a sentence with a mistake, well, I know that it doesn’t look right, but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why it’s not right. This I blame on the 12+ years of French immersion which I went to.

This is about how much French I’ve retained, too

Hell, dude, I just write. I don’t have any interest in editing. Of course, in my experience, most writers don’t like that part. It’s just a necessary evil.

Besides, sometimes editing other people’s stuff only reminds me of how bastardized the King’s English has become. It’s all “LOL” this, “On Fleek” that. And that’s mui depresso.


But, even though I complain about it I guess I’m better than most. What surprised me, in getting to know different writer communities on Social was that there are a TON of writers who aren’t very good at English.

Oh, enough to get by for sure, but those things that are so intrinsic to me – when to use your/you’re/yore for instance – don’t come so easily to everyone.

Maybe those people just need a French education.

Other stuff

I’ve started training for a half marathon. It’ll be my 6th, so I’m not exactly a stranger to them. But this will be the first one I’m doing after thirty. My knees are going to kill me. But in the spirit of transparency, I’m doing it for fitness. I’m down about 8 pounds and counting.

My secret? Metamucil and no fast food. I’m a genius. Oh, and I’m on a diet. Why am I on a diet? Because my sister is on a diet. So I get shamed every time I eat a cheeseburger.

It’s working wonders.

Imagine how much I’d lose if I gave up drinking wine for a couple of months.


What did we learn this week?

  1. Don’t marinate shit in olive oil, then cook it over an open flame. I’m happy I still have eyebrows. I blame Lisa.
  2. If you have to get the cat high to have her scratch a post, maybe she doesn’t like the post
  3. If you’re Irish, the sun is your enemy and should be avoided at all times. You’re pale for a reason
  4. Apparently I dress up so little that, when I do, people assume I have an interview
  5. Cardio is always better when you drag along people to keep you company.

Until next week,


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